Innovation: Outside in 

innovation: outside in

Since the success of the start-up accelerator model pioneered by Y Combinator in 2005 many large corporates have tried to do the same thing. The logic: corporates can help start-ups scale the future whilst gleaning some of the benefits below for themselves:

innovation: outside in

Better ideas: Creative and commercially disruptive ideas from beyond BAU.
Speed to market: help internal teams accelerate initiatives.
Maintain pace with the industry: keep up with tech & developments in emerging industries through start-ups.
Buy talented people: In the right circumstances you might want to buy your way in to ‘know how’. Acqui-hire can be quicker that a 6-12-month search and select.

innovation: outside in

Create an eco-system: For big strategic bets – it can be hard for corporates to create and extract the value on their own. They need smaller ventures to innovate around their vision.
Dedicated focus & energy: It’s the fastest way to access specific, lived, tested, technology and commercial expertise you don’t have.
Live market insight: Sometimes firms take this approach because they want real commercial data. Engaging with startups can help inform decisions to where & how to scale around a market.

innovation: outside in

To date many corporations have mixed results in these activities.


From years of experience as the original start up and corporate engagement firm we focus on the 3 key areas below to ensure success


The Strategic Why?

Any open innovation or start-up engagement program will only be successful if the corporate is clear in why it is doing it.

Start-ups are essentially looking for one or a combination of 4 things in the relationship with a large corporation:

  • Funding
  • Support
  • Sales (either through licensing or channel items)
  • PR & enhanced valuation

Your ‘why’ has to be significant and important enough to commit to the above otherwise the exercise is a wasted. We work with you to define your strategy and enable and manage the right model and program for your start-up engagement . More importantly we find the ‘right’ partners that nobody else can find.


Start Up Evaluation & Matching

Not all start-ups are the same! Some are two people in a bedroom with a great idea, others are founded by people with years of industry and corporate experience. Our evaluation methodology looks at people, product, market and technology – but also enables you to compare like for like firms by state of maturity against key parameters such as: 

  • The team
  • IP
  • Business Plan
  • Experience
  • The technology

Synchronisation & Gearing

This is one of the most difficult things to navigate. Our programs mesh the conflicting operating rhythm of start-up and corporate. We work relentlessly to get the gearing of the forces below right! 

  • Take Risks
  • Desperately seeking customers & resource
  • Can pivot
  • Unproven business model 
  • Focus on exploration
  • Risk averse
  • Focused on BAU, shareholders, regulators etc.
  • Culture of no failure
  • Focus on exploitation

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