Building New Ventures

building new ventures

Creating and building a corporate venture differs from creating a start-up. Corporate ventures (when built) exist to explore, prove or deliver a piece of the strategic intent. Corporates should have an unfair advantage with their access to markets, brands, customers, people, IP and capabilities. However this advantage over start-ups is hard to capture. The capabilities and assets are designed to support the operational business, not the new venture. Whether this be a new digital initiative or an adjacent market entry, 7 out of 8 corporate ventures fail to realise sustainable value for the parent organisation. 

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building new ventures

In addition unlike the simplicity of the venture capital model -  funnelling money from people who have it (customers), via a high risk idea (founders) to people who have more of it (investors), the 21st century corporation and corporate brands have much greater social responsibility and consideration around the types of initiatives they launch and how the returns are distributed. 

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building new ventures

We work with you to ensure corporate venture success. We have a repeatable, scalable approach combined with years of practical experience and a global and extended network of start-ups, technology partners and people. 

Key Areas of our Capabilities
Corporate Incubator management & set up
New venture creation
Aligning product pioneer & product market fit
Rapid proto-typing and building Minimum Viable products 
Service design & UX
Pilot design & set up
Pilot management 
Metrics & validation
Partnership & eco-system creation 
Sales pipeline & acceleration 
GTM & channel strategy 
Operational model & business model innovation 
Team recruitment 
Alternative funding & investment sourcing 

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