Innovation: Inside out 

Innovation: Inside Out

Corporate Innovation is a loaded word, once uttered, it’s power renders companies more interesting, more desirable and more awesome.  It can be mentioned by a CEO speaking to employees or analysts. It can be a sign outside a new innovation lab on the West Coast. It can be the colourful room with a ping pong table in an otherwise grey corporate office. It can be lean. It can be agile and infused with design thinking.  It can be inserted into job titles. It can mean everything and nothing at all. 

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Innovation: Inside Out

For us it’s about helping you to:
Create things of significant value, that customers desire and will pay for and that generates enough profit for you to continue and grow or re-invent your business (without harming the planet or people).

Innovation: Inside Out

Established corporations do not have to act like a start-up in order to succeed. We enable you to leverage the advantages of your corporate assets, scale and patience cycle.  We’ll help you to step into and navigate new and emerging spaces.  We’ll push you to re-invent, to create something entirely new— big ideas that create value, original products and services that differentiate, and experiences that are hard to copy.

Innovation: Inside Out

We steer you away from the trap of a stage gated innovation portfolio funnel that turns into a bottlenecked portfolio tunnel.

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Some of the things we do for our partners 


Insight & inspiration 

  • Business ethnography
  • Lead user market engagement
  • Market landscaping and strategic readiness

Opportunity generation 

  • Creative opportunity generation and workshops
  • Smash and grab of ideas & models from adjacent industries  
  • Agile design and consumer journey mapping 
  • Development of platforms & ecosystems

Business creation 

  • Business case & business plan development to investment readiness
  • Partner identification & selection
  • Discovery driven planning
  • Product strategy 
  • Business modelling 
  • Venture design & pilot plans

Technology commercialisation

  • Acting as the bridge between R&D & the market
  • Leveraging our network of start-up partners to fill the gaps in corporate capability
  • Rapid technology/market & technology/pioneer assessment

Structural Advisory

  • Create & operate internal incubators
  • Active innovation portfolio design
  • Portfolio metrics 
  • Alignment & strategic readiness 
  • CVC & investment 

People & cultural advisory 

  • Creating the growth narrative 
  • Stakeholder buy in & management 
  • Innovation audits
  • Design thinking 
  • Entrepreneurial training & executive coaching

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