Strategic Readiness for Emerging Industries

Growth Strategy

When a market, industry or category is forming, a company can’t be certain what will work. Ambitious vision statements and that new strategic plan from a leading consultancy all suggest the entry into the new space should be easy. Yet firms struggle to execute on these strategies for emerging spaces because the forces of competition and change are constantly in flux. Human, information and organisational capital and assets are not aligned to the strategy and strategic plans. 

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Growth Strategy

When considering an emerging industry or category the traditional questions of where to play and how to win just have no easy answers. Competition typically consists of small ventures or maybe a large corporate with a ‘bet the farm’ initiative. Nothing quite makes sense – everyone is equally in the dark. Conventional strategy frameworks just don’t apply. 

Growth Strategy

You need a clear, constant and current narrative about which of the dynamic space(s) are important, why you should care about them, what the inflection points might be and how to be in a perpetual state of readiness to exploit and defend, or to innovate as they accelerate. Our cross industry insight and access to a live network of technology and entrepreneurial ventures enables you to make sense of emerging spaces markets, as they happen.

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