RB Scholl: Taking a stand for feet and for diabetics through the Scholl brand

The Space

Diabetes and feet – one person is diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes in the UK. People living with uncontrolled diabetes are significantly more at risk of developing complications, in particular with their feet, and an estimated 10% of suffers die from these complications. By not caring adequately for their feet, diabetics face ulceration, amputation and death rates from complications are on par with those of prostate, breast and colon cancer. The diabetic footcare market is well established and worth an estimated $1bn a year, growing at nearly double digit rates, driven by increased incidences of obesity and earlier onset of diabetes.

The Brief

Brand transformation, brand depth, and a revitalised brand position fulfilling the ambition to align to a greater social purpose that achieves both economic success and care for the consumer. Not marketing fluff, commercial and viable. Venturebright was asked to act as a bridge between the R&D and commercial teams, and to bring a fresh pair of eyes to the opportunity for Scholl in Diabetes, how the brand could better serve the diabetic community and what the size of the prize was.

What We Did
  • Where can we play? The landscape for footcare and diabetic footcare is fragmented and complex. We created a clear commercial vision for where the opportunities were. We helped the Scholl team understand how competitors were tackling the challenges, where the pain and where the gain would be, and where it would be a waste of time and resources to pursue.
  • It’s a crowded market, how do we win? We reviewed the existing portfolio of products to assess what needed redevelopment, what could be done within branding and marketing and where R&D would be required to develop or acquire new products to enhance the product offering. 
  • So what do we do first? We developed a prioritised portfolio strategy for both the brand and R&D teams that would enable them to go quickly go for the low hanging fruit while laying the foundations for bigger organisational asks that would set the foundations for the brand transformation. 

What Happened Next

The teams are midway through execution with the new strategy with a portfolio of products in development. Where they could already leverage existing products, those are being rebranded and relaunched for the diabetic community. A wider healthcare professional engagement strategy has also been launched to build awareness and drive recommendations from GPs and pharmacists across Europe.